Time Sensitive: Leeward

An Exhibition in partnership with The MART Gallery

Opening Reception Saturday 28th January at 1 pm.

Runs Jan 28th – Feb 10th 2023

Open Wed-Sat: 1-6 pm

The MART Gallery, 190A Rathmines Road Lower. – map link

“Time Sensitive: Leeward” presents a series of reflections and observations rooted in the artists’ lived experiences of the Rural(s). Artists Anne Vetter, Frank Abruzzese, Karl Logge & Marta Romani, Laurence O’Toole, Rosie O’Gorman, Sarah Ellen Lundy, and curator Karla Sánchez, have all resided for long periods in both city and countryside, the latter being the place where, in the last several years, they have spent most of their time.

This exhibition comprises a mix of recent work: photographs, drawings, tapestries, installations, and video pieces. Animal life and death are present in the work of Sarah Ellen Lundy and the enigmatic, organic ink drawings by Rosie O’Gorman. Every-day life, in all its joy and marvelous monotony, is captured in the photographs of Frank Abruzzese and those of Anne Vetter. An intense presence of the forest, and our perceptions of it, appear in the work of Laurence O’Toole, and in the tapestries and work by Karl Logge & Marta Romani, we are faced with rituals and almost extinct traditions that once allowed the survival of our species.

It is, perhaps, in the rural that our society can find some of the most effective and long-lasting solutions that we are all desperately searching for to improve the conditions for everyone’s future. And, while the title “Time Sensitive” suggests there is an urgency to make this happen; what if this process starts only by truly becoming aware of ourselves in the present, paying close attention to how we spend our time and why, becoming sensitive to time.

“Leeward” was a four-week residency at Cow House Studios, Wexford, in April of 2022. You can read more about this program here.

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