The Wild Bunch

It’s hard to believe it was only three short days ago we were in the studio looking at everyone’s amazing personal projects. Our last two weeks have been filled with activities too numerous to list, but a highlight would certainly include our trip to the west. We were lucky to get some pretty amazing weather despite the poor forecast. We had plenty of time to enjoy the beaches, hike the hills and see some spectacular sights. Our trip was punctuated by a trip to Skellig Michael where we saw plenty of puffins and conquered some pretty steep stairs.

Back on the farm everyone focused on their personal projects, and the hard work through the week definitely paid off. It was clear that all were deeply invested in their work, but there was still time for impromptu dance parties in the darkroom, late night antics and a Hurling scrimmage led by our good friend Damien. We will miss everyone dearly, and hope to catch up with many when we make our annual trip to the US and France.

You can have a look at the final photographs from our second session here…

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