Supported Summer Residency: Week 1

Supported Summer Residency: Week 1

We are in the midst of running our Supported Summer Residency and the time seems to be flying by. A crucial aspect of this residency has been the mutual support from both our generous donors and the artists participating in the program. We would like to share the wonderful artworks that are part of this exchange and will be highlighting them each week. These are the donations from week 1.

Hina Khan

I am currently working on the female story and the fragmented anima. Anima is the part of the human psyche that Jung proved through his research of philosophy, psycho analytics, eastern mysticism especially Hinduism greek mythology and other Asian myths and legends as well as from science. Anima resides in all humans, both men, and women. it is the life force, the nurturing mysterious beautiful, feminine, sensitive emotional yin as in Chinese philosophy, and this is something that has existed for epochs upon epochs.

This piece represents the emotional connection between two people, two souls but you can find the red thread is stitching the body showing the relationship between textile and women and the journeys. the whole series I am developing and working on comes under one title, The Fragmented Anima.



Mary Ruth Walsh

Taking my inspiration from the language of architecture, I construct imagined proposals and spaces exploring ideas relating to the built environment and contemporary culture.

I create new dialogues drawing from utopian ideals of 20th and 21st-century planning and design often using found objects to make my work, I translate these into a type of architectural shorthand – like a new vocabulary.

Using this vocabulary I explore ideas of how architecture affects the way we move and behave and why and for who the space is created.


Michelle Brown

In The Book of Delights, Ross Gay describes the act of two people sharing the weight of a bag. He writes ‘It’s the lack of necessity of this act that’s perhaps precisely why it delights me. Everything that needs doing – getting the groceries or laundry home – would get done fine without this meager collaboration. But the only thing that needs doing, without it, would not.’ What needs doing here is the giving of support. How do we give or receive support? When can we let go a little and feel held? Celine Condorelli in her book Support Structure talks of giving or receiving support as a ‘politics of friendship … an [act of] allegiance and establishes who and what one can count on.’ As a person who is often in the caring or supportive role, I wanted to feel what it would be like to be completely supported – to let go and be held, even for just a little while. Thanks to Mary Ruth Walsh, Paul Gaffney, Hina Khan, Rosie O’Gorman, Frank Abruzzese, and Catriona Foley for their support in making this possible.


Paul Gaffney

During 2012 I walked over 3500km with the aim of creating a body of work that would explore the idea of long-distance walking as a form of meditation and personal transformation.

My intention was to create a series of quiet images, which would evoke the experience of being immersed in nature and capture the essence of the journey. The resulting series, We Make the Path by Walking, communicates a sense of the subtle internal and psychological changes which one may undergo while negotiating the landscape.

I was always fond of this image, and it narrowly missed out on being in the final edit of my book. I am happy to share this print as part of the residency.



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