Art on the Farm 2019: Summer Wrap-up

It has been a just a few short days since our students from session 2 of Art on the Farm took their early morning bus trip up to Dublin Airport. Looking back on the photos has brought back some wonderful memories from our last few weeks and we’re certain this time passed will be memorable for all involved. The last two weeks of our summer program have been spent in the studio where everyone worked diligently on their personal projects. This time is an opportunity for our students to work on something more self-directed and as always, the work made during these intensive days in the studio represented a wide range of themes, mediums and styles. Painting was quite popular this session with students exploring oil, watercolour, acrylic and gouache but we also had students working with collage and mixed media, photography video and installation. It was fantastic to see all that was produced during our final critique. We hope to share a selection of the accomplished work in the coming weeks so please keep an eye out for the post in our student artwork section.

In addition to time in the studio, we took an absolutely┬ástunning trip to the west. This was made sweeter since we were expecting a bit of a washout. The weather was more that cooperative with several days of sunshine allowing for all of our scheduled ferry rides, hikes and bike rides. Once we learned that the weather was to be coorperative we depated the studio for Baltimore where we caught the ferry to Cape Clear Island. This sothernmost tip of the country never dissapoints. The views during the hike beside the coastline are breathtaking and the sparsly populated island has a its own sort of charm. The following day, after our return to the mainland, we travelled to Killarney, a popular place for many visitors to Ireland. We enjoyed some shopping, dinner and a movie that evening and on our final day, enjoyd a long bike ride through Killarny National Park. We made several stops taking in the haunting ruins of Muckross Abbey, lunch at Muckross House, a quick hike to see Torc Waterfall and to finish it all off, a spectacular trip around Muckross Lake. By the end, our luck with the weather had finally run out and we got caugh in a downpour in the last fifteen minutes of our bike ride. Despite everyone getting soaked, it didn’t seem to dampe anyones spirits. The trip was surly a success.

We are so grateful for the participation of our studetns. Their curiosity and spirit are what make Art on the Farm such a sucess every year. We wish them the best of luck and hope to catch up with many of them during our travels this winter. Please have a look at our photo gallery to see some images of all the action!

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