Alyssa Robb

Alyssa is an artist, designer, and art educator currently residing in Northampton, MA. In her personal artistic practice, she focuses primarily on photography while also utilizing a range of mediums including printmaking, painting, and fabric arts. Her commercial work focuses on still life and women’s fashion, describing form through simplicity. Alyssa is equally dedicated to her personal and professional work, and believes one informs the other. Much of her work is studio-based, where she explores the intersection of function and classical form. She is interested in formal design and the potential of visual language as it relates to the way we live in and move through our world.

She is continually observing space and place, and believes that our surroundings and the way we design them have profound affects on our psyche. Alyssa earned her BA from Oberlin College, and continued on to study photography at the Maine Photographic Workshops and the International Center of Photography. After working as the Art and Communications Director for Bario Neal Jewelry in Philadelphia, Alyssa decided to move to Western Massachusetts where she runs her own photo and design studio and teaches art and environment classes to children. In the fall she will begin her Masters in Landscape Architecture. You can view more of her work at