Eleanor Ryburn

I am in awe of watching things grow, like: bread dough, seedlings, the succulents in my windowsill, my nephew. I think it is the feeling it gives me that I want my artwork to have, this feeling that allows for a delicate break from the reality of everyday.

My work examines and attempts to emulate the idea and experience of the quiet spectacle, or subtle phenomena. These are terms I am working with to speak to moments of growth, wonder, discovery, and general euphoria in experiencing the world around me. I believe these moments encourage a state of lucidity and heightened sensorial perception, turning one’s mental and physical awareness outwards.

For me these experiences of discovery and wonder are elicited by sights such as: a sidewalk full of worms on a rainy day, a boulder in the woods painted as a house, the unexpected generosity of a stranger, or the knowledge of whole ecosystems alive in our belly. These moments slip me into a temporal space that sits delicately between the real and the fantastical, and provide grounds in which to question and to re-imagine. Through methods of observation, collection, research, and reverie; my work seeks to explore and share these moments of subtle phenomena experienced by myself and of others.