Adam Neese

Project Statement – A Known World

To the observant wandering child, the landscape is a place of fantasy and fame. With this naive view, the size of the world is scaled down; a field, a stand of trees, or an old road can hold the magic and possibility of the American West in 19th Century frontier days. As I grew up and moved away, my memories remained in the Cross Timbers of North Texas. I am now grown, but these lands helped determine my growth. In the transition from adolescent to adult, my views of landscape have changed; but the woods near my parents’ house still hold the same mystique and wonder that I remember from my youth.

I have been revisiting and picturing this landscape for some time now to compile and archive the memories of my past. Much like childhood expeditions in The Caprican Empire, I have made these photographs with a creative sense of discovery. The major difference this time is that I have created photographs rather than memories, the discoveries have occurred inside of myself. These photographs and maps serve as documents of my personal history; a meaningful childhood remembered.