Devra Fox

A common theme that emerges in my art practice is growth and deterioration in connection with the human body and nature. I am fascinated by the parallels, such as the correlation between the stemming of human veins and branches of a tree. I see an overarching connectedness present between our bodies and nature, which I explore in my work. Along with growth and deterioration I often focus on the depiction of a human, from the physical innards and mechanical workings, to our outward appearance, to our emotional and personal existence. Often these ideas are expressed within an autobiographical context.

In my view we are all collections, collections that accumulate over a lifetime from our culture, family, friends, places and experiences.

I gather and create a visual vocabulary consisting of memories, images, personal objects, places and times drawn from my own experience to show and process my personal experiences.

Through drawing, painting, printing, cutting, reconfiguring, stacking, layering, hiding and exposing I have constructed this body of three-dimensional collages. These collages serve the same purpose as a reliquary, containing the relics of my conscious and imagination in a physical form to openly display and share. They are often obscured and not always readily understandable, dense in some areas and clear in others, alternating between a mindful comprehension and confusion. In this somewhat disordered state I have synthesized imagery of my collection into something more significant.