Christin Boggs

Christin is an artist, photographer, educator, and sustainable food advocate. A native of the Washington Metropolitan Area, she began studying photography as a sophomore at Langley High School. Christin holds a MFA in Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology [2010] and a BFA in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University [2007], where she was granted the Academic and Artistic Achievement Award. Throughout her years as a photography student, she has fulfilled internships at the Smithsonian Photography Initiative, Nature’s Best Photography Magazine, and Northern Virginia Magazine. Christin has shown work in solo and group exhibitions; her photographs have appeared in online publications, including Conscientious, Hey! Hot Shot and LENSCRATCH. Christin promotes sustainable food practices through photography and community development. Her recent project Slow & Steady has appeared in a number of public venues including a solo exhibition at the Design Gallery at the Rochester Regional Community Design Center.

Slow & Steady explores the contemporary movement away from mass-produced food and towards creative alternatives that offer vitality and potency to participants and their surroundings. Within the Greater Rochester Region, individuals have rejected convenience food to responsibly grow, prepare and share sustenance in cooperative groups. The photographs depict scenes from community gardens, community supported agriculture (CSA) farms, farmers markets, and other organizations associated with local food production. Here exists a community of resourceful people, coming together in pursuit of good food. Slow & Steady points to one of the ways in which art can effect social change through the representation of healthy and sustainable food practices.