Summer Art Programs For High School Students

Program Details

Name: Art On The Farm, Summer Art Programs
Duration: 28 days
Summer: Dates & Fees
Age: 15 to 17
Capacity: 20 students
Teachers: Frank Abruzzese, Rosie O’Gorman & Associate Artists
Location: Cow House Studios, Wexford, Ireland

Art On The Farm, Summer Art Programs Description

Art on the Farm is a unique summer program where high school students interested in visual art get the opportunity to study drawing, painting, and photography alongside practicing visual artists in a focused and intimate studio environment. During this 28-day multidisciplinary course, you will work closely with experienced artists dedicated to fostering your creative growth. Experience Ireland’s stunning landscapes and bustling cities while engaging with a new culture renowned for its warmth, wit, and exceptional artistic achievement.

Students of all skill levels benefit from our personal attention and guidance. You will be challenged to experiment beyond your boundaries, consider new possibilities for art-making, and use your chosen medium to relate your ideas to content. During Art on the Farm, you will complete excellent portfolio pieces for advanced placement and college applications.



Ethos: Cow House Studios’ approach to teaching art.

Cow House Studios is devoted to providing the guidance necessary to be in charge of your own learning. Our summer art program is designed to yield more inquisitive methods for making art and foster a deep curiosity about the world.

At Cow House Studios, we value personal expression, emphasizing the creative process to encourage meaningful exchange. We believe that engagement with the visual arts provides intellectual and artistic growth; furthermore, mastering new skills and finding an artistic voice builds confidence and trust in your ideas.

Our classes during Art on the Farm are project-based. They require you to combine technical knowledge with innovative problem-solving. Careful consideration of practiced craft is encouraged while promoting an awareness of art in a contemporary context. You will gain valuable experience working in a studio setting with like-minded peers, dedicating extended periods to intensive creative exploration while forging lasting friendships.

Contact us! You’re welcome to arrange a time to speak with Rosie about the program. We can also provide contact details of former students and their parents; they are happy to share their experiences with you.

Click here to read about some of our former students, guest artist-educators and to view student galleries from previous Art On The Farm sessions.

A Typical Day at Cow House Studios
Art Student lying in grass

Breakfast is at 9 am. Then we meet in the studio at 10 am for the first workshop, typically focusing on drawing to get the creative juices flowing. A short break at 11 am for a refresh is followed by a second session beginning at 11:15 am. Here, you will work in your chosen area of concentration; painting or photography.

Lunch is served from 1 pm to 2 pm. After lunch, we return to the studio for our third session of the day. Typically, working through a brief led assignment designed to develop a specific skill while enabling you to explore your own subject matter. Between 5 pm and 6 pm is open studio time where faculty give individual attention and tutorials. You can also explore the farm, read a book, or catch up with friends and family back home.

Dinner, a yummy home-cooked meal, is served at 7 pm. After dinner, you may use the studio facilities to continue developing your projects, watch a movie, play a game of pool, or partake in one of our many organized evening activities.

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At the core of our curriculum is drawing; additionally, you will choose an area of concentration in either painting, photography, or moving image arts. Each day begins with a drawing lesson exploring the themes of light, space, color, and movement, which may then be applied to any creative process. Through expertly guided classes and rigorous studio practice, you will see drastic advancements in your technical knowledge and ability. We encourage a multidisciplinary approach during our summer program, which may include exploring an idea or theme through various materials, processes, or media.


Art program classes

In addition to our practical demonstrations and workshops, our curriculum is centered around research, experimentation, and critical thinking. Group critiques and individual tutorials form an integral part of our program, helping you gain confidence and self-awareness in discussing your artwork. Furthermore, lectures and gallery visits will introduce you to various artists working in relevant media. These engagements give context to your interests and further inform your own artwork.

All kinds of high school students with diverse backgrounds come to Cow House. Many have a lot of experience and plan to pursue a career in the arts. In contrast, others arrive with minimal experience in the art room but are eager to improve their artistic abilities. The most essential quality our students possess is a desire to make art.

Embracing this variance, you will be paired with a mentor who will work with you on an individual basis. Our mentors are accomplished visual artists dedicated to working with young people. Through various tutorials and assignments tailored to your needs and goals, our mentors provide one-on-one attention. This caring approach is necessary to guide you through the technical and conceptual challenges to make your ideas tangible.


Summer art program curriculum

  • Option 1: Drawing &¬†Painting
  • Option 2: Drawing & Photography
Sample workshops, presentations & classes:
  • making a cyanotype
  • introduction to printing in the darkroom
  • the history & processes of photography
  • introduction to oil painting
  • life drawing
  • presentations by Irish artists
Weeks 1 & 2
  • intensive workshops in drawing, painting and photography
  • brief-led projects: you will develop specific skills while exploring your chosen subject matter in your area of concentration
  • trips to Dublin, Cork and the Southeast of Ireland provide inspiration and artistic, cultural, and historical context
  • group critique provides feedback as you refine your work
  • collaborative projects based on contemporary artwork
Personal Projects
  • For the next two weeks choose your medium and explore personally meaningful content.
  • Develop your project under the individual guidance of one of our artists.