Session 3 Photo Update

This past week started with some life drawing and everyone working hard in the studio preparing for our first critique. It was wonderful to see the amount of quality work everyone produced. Nights were filled with artist talks by Nora, Devra, Sarah and Rachel, and we still found time to watch a couple movies.

Our three day trip to Cork started with a visit to Blarney Castle where everyone had a chance to kiss the famous stone granting the gift of gab. After a walk around the beautiful grounds we headed to the English Market in Cork City for a delicious meal at the Farm Gate Cafe. Other highlights included some shopping in the city center, a visit to the Sean Keating exhibition at the Crawford Art Gallery, and an evening screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Our second day out west took us to Cape Clear Island, Ireland’s most southernly point. After settling in to our homey seaside accommodation we headed out for a walk to take in the beautiful scenery. The remainder of the day was spent relaxing and exploring the enchanting island. We had a wonderful dinner prepared by Frank, Devra, Nora and Rachel that evening, including fresh local vegetables and cheeses from the English Market and pan fried mackerel caught just a day before our arrival.

On our final day we visited Liss Ard estate where we had the opportunity to experience The Irish Sky Garden, a land art work by James Turrell. We arrived back at Cow House late that evening, and everyone was happy to settle back in and enjoy the next morning off. The week has started with everyone working hard on their personal projects, and we can hardly wait to see what everyone produces in their final week. You can see our updated gallery hereā€¦

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