Satellite Artist Residency

In collaboration with The Mothership Project, from October 21st to December 2nd, 2018 we ran Satellite, an artist residency designed specifically for parenting artists in Ireland. As part of this program, The Mothership Project conducted research into the experience of parenting artists in Ireland that will be used to produce a publication that highlights their needs. Satellite was funded by The Arts Council and Wexford County Council Arts Office and is supported by Visual, Carlow and Wexford Arts Centre.

This pilot programme aims to generate institutional change in how artists are supported throughout their careers and changing family circumstances, as well as contributing to the debate on affordable childcare, precarious work and attitudes to care work. This residency programme for parenting artists highlights the difficulty of maintaining an art career as a parent in Ireland. The Satellite Residency is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Wexford County Council Arts Office and is supported by Visual, Carlow and Wexford Arts Centre.

About The Mothership:

The Mothership Project is a network of parenting artists in Ireland. The Mothership Project aims to support parenting artists in the development of their practice and to encourage arts organisations to make the art world a more inclusive place for artists with children. Since 2013 The Mothership has hosted workshops and discussions on issues facing parenting artists in Ireland. We have also hosted show & tell events and reading groups around the theoretical underpinnings of this equality and solidarity based project.

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The Satellite Residency was open to Irish parenting contemporary visual artists or artists living and working in Ireland (artists must have been living in Ireland for at least 1 year prior to their application). A variety of visual art disciplines were eligible to apply including, but not limited to, traditional media, media/new genre, performance, film/video, socially engaged practices. Artists enrolled in an academic program during the time of the residency were ineligible to apply.

About the residency:

The Satellite residency programme was designed specifically for parenting artists in Ireland. Through an open call, parenting artists were offered time and space at our studios. Artists were awarded the opportunity to develop new work, progress existing work, or get back to practice after taking time out to have children. ‘Satellite’ offered childcare, accommodation, a stipend and a variety of time slots to artists who were looking to take time out to focus on their practice. The residencies were tailored to the needs of the artist and their family, allocating time slots as short as three and as long as ten days.

The 15 artists who participated in the residency were Dorota Borowa, Stephen Dunne, Niamh Davis, Sarah Lincoln, Ruth Lyons, Ciara McMahon, Susan Montgomery, Celina Muldoon, Niamh O’Doherty, Sally O’Dowd, James O’hAodha, Una Quigley, Linda Quinlan, Ruby Wallis and Kate Warner.

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