How to Flatten a Mountain 2020

How to Flatten a Mountain 2020 Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Successful applicants will be given an opportunity to showcase their work on the dedicated website

Program Description

How to Flatten a Mountain is a 12-day residency opportunity presented by PhotoIreland & Cow House Studios with the support of Inspirational Arts. This opportunity is open to emerging and mid-career visual artists whose artistic practice in whole or part makes use of digital and/or analog photographic processes.

The aim of this residency is for participating artists to explore possibilities outside their core practice, work collaboratively, and produce a cohesive exhibition of work. During the residency, participants will take an active part in a series of workshops led by guest facilitators and as a group will be sharing ideas, making work, processing, printing, editing, as needed, always working in collaboration. As an integral part of the residency, two practicing professionals will facilitate day-long workshops to provoke and animate different avenues for thought. Each facilitator brings to the residency new perspectives, challenges, and opportunities for participants.

This 12-day program is comprised of two parts: workshop facilitation and open studio time at Cow House Studios followed by production time in Dublin which includes the installation and opening of an exhibition at Library Project. The first seven days of the program will be comprised of a carefully selected series of workshops, readings, and presentations designed to stimulate the creative process, facilitate collaboration, familiarise participants with the people and places of the locality, and tease out shared curiosities and thematics.

The following five days provide the necessary time and space to critique new works and get prints and other materials exhibition ready. These final days are spent in Dublin producing and installing the exhibition, culminating in an opening on the final evening of the program. In total, participants will spend 7 days and 6 nights at Cow House and an additional 5 days and 5 nights in Dublin.

How to Flatten a Mountain is sure to result in the production of new work, introduce participants to a network of practitioners from a diversity of locations, provide a fantastic exhibition opportunity, and open up new possibilities within each participant’s practice.

Application Process:

The application deadline was Sunday, January 19th, 2020. Applications for additional 2021 programing will become available in the autumn, 2020.


For any further questions, please contact Frank Abruzzese, Co-Director, Cow House Studios.

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