Autumn Residency 2013

Artists in Residency, 2013

Images above from left to right are 25 Years by Corinne Schulze, Crystal Lake by Seulki Ki and Structure for Creation/Distribution of Energy by Ian Clark.

Corinne Schulze

Corinne was raised in the countryside of Kentucky (b. 1981). Much of her work involves going to natural environments and spending intense periods of time reinterpreting each place through research and exploration, creating a new world through her eyes. Typically she chooses projects that examine how human presence has shaped each environment, either through physical or conceptual means. Her artistic practice examines perception, manipulation of natural phenomena and displacement as well as ideas related to scientific thought through the medium of photography.

Corinne Schulze, 25 Years, 2014, digital pigment print

Seulki Ki

Seulki Ki is an artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Her photographic practice is process driven, often incorporating elements of performance, drawing and sculpture. In one sense her work captures objects as they are, however her process often masks their means of production resulting in images that skew or alter our perception. Ki’s work also aims to reflect emotional states, where processes are developed to mirror her own experience. These emotional states act as filters in the creation of her images, bridging the gap between an objective reality and inner states of being.

Seulki Ki, Crystal Lake, 2014, digital pigment print

Ian Clark

Ian Clark is an American artist who makes films, videos, and lens-based projects.

One of Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces,” Clark is a founding member and program director of the non-profit Eastern Oregon Film Festival, and the newly created Treefort Film Fest. He is a former member of the artist collective Ditch Projects and received his MFA in Digital Art from the University of Oregon.

Ian Clark, One of Thirty-One Sacred Stones Affecting a Gravitational Field, Sandstone, soot, space blanket, 80×62.5 inches; 9.5×3.75×6.5 inches, 2013