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Cow House Studios is available for groups to host specifically proposed classes or projects. The studio, accommodation, equipment, materials, and teaching staff are open to groups from late February to early June. Groups may include students from the secondary or high school level, university or college students, art clubs, or adult education classes. Cow House Studios offers educators, group leaders, and travel coordinators the means for a memorable and creative exchange, providing exceptional facilities and staff in a historic and culturally rich location.

Our education program places us in a unique position to offer curricular and logistical support, allowing leaders to focus on their course's academic and studio requirements. Notably, for trips from abroad, organizing a group class in Ireland presents challenges. Booking accommodation, transportation, and providing meals can be costly, time-consuming, and offer an array of unforeseeable complications. Furthermore, arranging for studio facilities, access to a community of artists, and meaningful exchange with the local community can be exceedingly challenging.

Group courses can vary greatly. While most are residential, Cow House Studios is also available for day-long workshops and classes. Some groups may provide teachers; others might require the teaching support of directors Rosie and Frank. For more extended stays, we can plan excursions to nearby towns Kilkenny, Waterford, and Wexford and longer trips to Dublin, Cork, or the West. Above all else, the intimate and peaceful experience of studio life on the farm presents a rare opportunity for extended periods of work without distraction. Please contact Cow House Studios directly regarding proposals or for more information.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of bringing your students to Cow House, please contact us.


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