One Crazy Summer

Two days ago we said goodbye to the last of our wonderful students from Art on the Farm, 2014. We were truly fortunate to have such talented, engaged and thoughtful group of students for all three of our sessions. The quiet time around the studio these past few days has given us an opportunity to reflect on the crazy personalities, truly wonderful personal projects and amazing sites that we took in over the past nine weeks. There are far to many late nights, spectacular views and funny moments to recount here, but every day was so densely packed it feels like we’ve just enjoyed a years worth of experiences during these few summer months.

We would like to especially thank our visiting artists Peter and Alyssa for their caring mentorship, kind nature and excellent teaching. You have played an instrumental role in everyones experience, and will be truly missed. We would also like to thank our first ever intern Abigail for her hard work in the garden, kitchen and darkroom. We know the students cherish your friendships, and your personalities brought a fresh energy to the programme that will never be duplicated.

We hope to see many of you this winter, and wish everyone the best with the coming academic year. You can see photographs from our amazing summer here

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