New photos from session 2

We’re now halfway through our second session here at the Cow House, and the last ten days here have been an eventful mix of art making and travel. Please have a look at our photo gallery for a look at what we’ve been up to.

The first few days were spent getting to know eachother. The students had a chance to go up against the mentors in Darragh’s bridge challenge. We spent time learning about a manual film camera and making cyanotypes with Jenny and Frank, and made our first few prints in the darkroom. For some, figure drawing with Matt was the first time they’ve had a chance to draw from a live model. Everyone put in a hard two days work and got some great results.

With all the work we still found time to have a swim in the pond, and thanks to Jacapo, Dylan and Alessia we had a tasty dinner of rainbow trout too. On Matt and Jenny’s last day we had a brief critique of our work, and said our sad goodbyes. A huge thank you to Matt and Jenny for all the great work they did while they were here. There is no doubt your teaching made a huge impact on everyones drawing and photography skills. We will miss you dearly.

Sunday morning we left for the Burren, a rocky terrain out west full of spectacular vistas, undeground caves and traces of Irelands history dating from 2500 bc. After a long day of touring the sites we had a dinner of fish and chips while enjoying some live music. The next day we got on a ferry to Inis Mor one of the three Aran Islands off the coast of Galway. The weather was beautiful so we rented some bikes and rode along the coast to see Dun Aengus, a Megalithic ring fort situated on the edge of a cliff. Some shooting, sketching and a slow ride back to the hostel was greeted by a wonderful bbq prepared by Marco, our gracious host. The next day many went to the sweater shop to get a hand woven authentic Aran wool sweater. Galway city was our last stop before heading back to the Cow House where we arrived late in the evening.

It’s back to work in the studios before we head to Dublin in five short days. Be sure to check back next week for more photos from our trip.

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