The Drover turns the Cattle

Tomorrow, Friday October 14 Monster Truck Gallery opens “The Drover turns the Cattle” a group show featuring our 2010  residency artists Marisol Malatesta, Gail Cunningham, Laurie Lax and Matthew Denniss. The show will run until October 29th.

“In the fall of 2010 four artists with disparate practices, different approaches, different tools, different materials and from different geographies. were brought together with the purpose of creating a new body of work at Cow House Studios in Wexford, Ireland. The rural location of the Cow House, the ideas shared communally and its informative influence form the content of the exhibition. Formal connections with their practices were replaced, or exchanged, with what the cattle farm had to offer- its landscape, the mountain, its noises, the tractor, the air, the weather, and the intimate community that was created. A year later, the artists have been turned-moved from one field to another, from Cow House to Monster Truck taking their work, their newly found connected experiences and knowledge, and presenting them in a new landscape.”

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