SV Randall: 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow

We just learned that 2016 residency artist SV Randall has been included in the new publication 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow published by Thames and Hudson. Steve was one of the five artists who took part in The Centre for Dying on Stage, which culminated with an experimental performance at Wexford Arts Centre. We did a community update with Steve a couple of years back and have always enjoyed keeping in touch.

From the publisher…

Bypassing traditional art world channels, 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow is the culmination of a major, democratic open call for up-and-coming sculptors. From thousands of entries, an internationally renowned jury has identified the most exciting names in sculpture today, all showcased in this beautifully illustrated book. Following the much-respected 100 Painters of Tomorrow, which launched the careers of artists such as Michael Armitage, Yelena Popova, and Heman Chong, 100 Sculptors offers another powerful platform for artists and a fascinating, visually breathtaking experience for readers.

Sculpture is reemerging as a revered medium in today’s art world. In the age of 3-D modelling software and ever-proliferating materials, the possibilities for contemporary sculpture are truly dazzling, a fact to which the artworks on show in this book can attest.

Featuring a selection of the finest emerging sculptors from six continents and over thirty countries, 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow guides readers with biographical summaries and firsthand artist testimonies, as well as recommended reading and insights from curators, academics, writers, and fellow artists. This is an indispensable resource for students, teachers, practitioners, and anyone interested in the future of this ever-evolving art form.

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