Cow House Opens Studios: Rising from the Hill

Please join us on November 3rd, 3 pm at our studios for our annual open day to introduce Rising from the Hill, our six-week residency investigating the complex relationships between local context and larger global systems. This residency was conceived in the spirit of meaningful exchange between practice and theory and as an outcome of ongoing collaborative projects between Francis Halsall and Kelley O’Brien investigating social relations through the lens of systems. This means to uncouple systems from individual humans and think of them, instead, as complex interactions of people, architecture, things, communications, and environments. In other words, individuals are not separate from their environments, but rather, an integral part of them.

There will be delicious food, refreshments and presentations by resident artists Angela Jerardi, Charlotte Lagro, Martina O’Brien, and Rowan Lear along with residency curator Kelley O’Brien.

Image: Rowan Lear, She gestured meaningfully with the pistol, (2016-continuing), performance, video, images, drawings and décollage, exploring technological gesture, gendered labour, and the relationship between the body and the apparatus. Hands ‘remembering’ the gestures of photographing with different cameras.