Cow House on Southeast Radio’s “I Remember”

Interview Southeast Radio’s I Remember with Michael O’Gorman & Cow House Co-Directors Rosie O’Gorman and Frank Abruzzese

On Saturday, July 3rd Cow House Studios was featured on Southeast Radio’s I Remember hosted weekly by Michael Doyle. Michael reached out to us a few weeks ago to learn more about the history of the farm and the initial ideas for our studios. We were more than happy to oblige. You can play the full interview using the player above or follow a link to Southeast Radio’s website here.

In the interview, you’ll hear from Rosie’s father Michael about what the farm was like for generations before Cow House was established. Rosie and Frank follow on talking about their ambitions for the studio and their years in San Francisco studying at SFAI.

The photos for this post were taken by our dear friend Jennifer K. Beal Davis. Jenny was with us very early on during our second year and took portraits of the family on her Hasselblad. We have always loved these photographs and they now serve as a reminder of how much has transpired over the past twelve years. Notably, a few more grey hairs.

It’s a privilege to be part of the history of this special place and we welcomed the opportunity to share and reflect on our experiences. Thinking about the generations that have come before us it is clear, as Michael has said on more than one occasion, that we don’t really own the land. We’re just custodians for future generations. Cow House wouldn’t be what it is without Michael’s generosity or the fortuitous cricumsances that brought Frank and Rosie to San Francisco. We can only imagine what this farm might become in another 300 years.

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