Agnes Irwin SSP 2017

We are thrilled to once again welcome a group of girls from Agnes Irwin School. This is the fifth year we have had the pleasure of hosting students for their Special Studies Program (SSP). Running for almost 50 years, the SSP programme at Agnes Irwin is designed to offer students experiences away from the classroom where they can focus intensively on interests that fall outside the classroom model. These experiences are both local and global, addressing service, the arts, technology and language immersion among other topics.

Through a variety of professionally guided tours, classes, workshops, lectures, projects and cultural immersion, the SSP at Cow House Studios aims to embrace the creative arts as a catalyst for engaging with the complex history and culture of Ireland. During their 11 days in Ireland, the girls will be working towards the completion of a personal project reflecting on their various experiences. In addition to studio workshops in painting, drawing and photography, students will travel across the country to Dublin, Kilkenny and Galway.

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