Agnes Irwin SSP 2010

It has been six days since the girls from Agnes Irwin left the farm, the dogs are lonely and the place couldn’t be quieter. We were fortunate to meet such a great group of girls; Nancy makes a great Lady Gaga, May-Lin has a natural talent for printing in the darkroom, Cristina likes floating on the pond, Katie H. has a great eye for composition, Katey D. doesn’t know which way is up, Emma makes beautiful figure drawings, Emmie has some great embarrassing stories, Kelton may have an unhealthy obsession with gnomes, Isabelle likes to see Frank bbq-ing her dinner, Megg can run faster than a speeding bike, Aynana has creativity to spare, Alison liked the food… she really liked the food and Kelly has BOUNDLESS patience. We were really impressed with your final projects and excited to see such a variety of approaches to your books. We hope to see you all this winter and look forward to a bowling reunion!

Thank you to Amanda for being such a great chaperone and great company, and a very special thank you to Keri for all her support and hard work in setting up the trip. We had a fantastic time with the everyone.

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