A big thank you to everyone involved with bringing the incredible kids from New Orleans and Tallaght together here at the Cow House for ten intense days of art-making. Rosie and I would like to especially thank Jackie for putting together such an ambitious project, and thinking of our studio as a place to end her residency here in Ireland, Maria for working so hard to ensure that everything ran smooth, and helping out in every possible way be it writing grant applications, cooking in the kitchen, helping out in the studios or designing awesome t-shirts. We would also like to thank Timeka, Turron and YAYA for bringing such a great group of kids over from New Orleans. We can’t wait to see ya’ll on your home turf and try out those famed Po-Boys. And of course a fond farewell to Jay, Jasmine, Azania, Chloe, Aine, Padrig, Kwayne, Jourdan and Sarah. You will be missed dearly.

A=AGHT is a project designed by lead artist Jackie Sumell under the South Dublin County Percent for Art Scheme. Ms. Sumell is currently artist-in-resident through In Context-3 Programme, based in Tallaght and has been working in New Orleans over the last 7 years.

A=AGHT is a concept based on creating the same sound from two entirely different spellings. This serves as the conceptual catalyst for the process of identifying and extracting commoness in seemingly different communities. NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) and Tallaght (South County Dublin).

A=AGHT is a semi-utopic virtual space/town whose rules, population and culture are generated by a facilitated exchange between youth from New Orleans and Tallaght. Adult artists and cultural workers from both cities will develop projects that encourage youth participants to explore historic moments, social grievances, ethnic and racial disparities in order to invent a place of creative resolve.

For ten days our studios will facilitated a collaboration between students from New Orleans, LA and Tallaght, Co Dublin on projects designed by participating artists including Cow House founders Frank Abruzzese and Rosie O’Gorman.