The last week of Art on the Farm saw the students working hard on their final projects. Days and nights were spent in the studio painting, printing in the darkroom and drawing sheep. Everyone still managed to have lots of fun along the way. Gaby solidified her postion as reigning cow house ping pong champion, Maddy and Flo contiued their nightly jam sessions, Sophie made sure everyone at the dinner table laughed themselves to tears, Emma and Lea consumed more sugar than anyone we have ever witnessed, Marine became best friends with our three dogs, Bobby, Maeby and Chester, Axel gave everyone a laugh with his ever expanding sheep universe, Russ scared everyone with his creepy portrait of Flo, and Will snuck off to produce some truly beautiful photographs.
During our last week we were also paid a visit by artist Jackie Sumell. We are grateful she made the time to visit and speak with everyone about her practice, and her most current project “The House That Herman Built”.
The farm is very quiet now that our first class has oficcialy come to a close, but as we prepare for our next group we are certain that the memory of the past three weeks will live on. We will never forget our first group of budding young artists, and look forward to keeping in touch. Take a look at some of our photos from the final week of “Art on the Farm.”

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