Forerunner Residency 2024

Program Description

For our 2024 curated residency, and with the generous support of Wexford County Council, we have invited Forerunner, the collaborative art practice founded by Tom Watt, Tanad Aaron, and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, to conceive of a permanent installation on our farm.

In previous iterations of our curated residency programs, curators have brought perspectives shaped by independent research to our particular setting on the O’Gorman family farm, which has helped to expand the scope of practice with consideration to the rural, familial, and historical conditions that shape our ongoing evolution. These efforts have led to exhibitions, performances, and entirely new programs at Cow House, such as our Parenting Artist Residency. Similarly, we support Forerunner in creating new work to provoke novel engagement for future guests.

This residency will take place over two weeks this spring and summer. In the first week this past April, Cow Directors Rosie O’Gorman and Frank Abruzzese spent time with the artists, walking the farm, pointing out sites of interest, and talking about its history, the establishment of the studios, and what types of interventions might support future programming at Cow House. Tom, Tanad, and Andreas also spoke with Rosie’s father, Michael, about specific locations and his numerous practical and often aesthetic modifications to the farm. They also made extensive independent explorations, familiarizing themselves with both passible and impassible terrain.

This June, Forerunner will return to Cow House to formalize a proposed site-specific project to be completed in 2025. The forthcoming 2025 residency will accompany an open call for artists interested in learning from Forerunner’s practice and collaborating to construct the new installation.

Artist Statement

After graduating together in 2011/12 and supporting one another in different projects over several years we began to work together officially in 2016. Our collaborations include architecturally interrogating Fine Art and specific objects built for or against a function. In our separate practices we are interested in the history of art practices and the fabrication and creation process used or deemed usable as an artist. Combined, our practice presents an ambitious interrogation of objects, environments and uses. Working with everyday or commonplace materials lends the works a familiarity while allowing them the freedom to be re-examined in a new and unfamiliar context. This methodology often ends in work whose emphasis is on its production values, be they self- made or factory finished and a focus on the work’s overall coherent composition.

Over the past two years our work has begun to encompass an interest in Arte Util and a desire to quietly upgrade or criticise by fixing. We commonly refer to our exhibitions as tests, tests for the real world, tests for a future context and opportunities to try a different material or technique.

– Forerunner


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