Final photos from Session 2

Its been four days since everyone from session 2 returned home for the rest of the summer. In our last week everyone worked really hard on their final projects. There was a huge variety of media and techniques, from large scale ink drawings to paintings on paper and canvas, weaving garments with reeds, printing in the darkroom, and even sculpting with hay and masking tape.

In the midst of all the work we still made time to visit nearby Rose Acre Soaps where a local family makes soap from the milk of their 13 goats. Everyone had a chance to pick up a few gifts and meet the goats, including unicorn, who was born with only one horn.

We also fished for our dinner one evening. Congratulations to Jamie, Lauren, Tess and Madeleine for their successful efforts. An evening campfire, night photography, and a trivia showdown between Alex and Grace for a handmade tote bag by Julie were all part of the weeks events. The Paris crew even had the courage to swim in the pond on the last night.

Please have a look at the photos from our final week here, and to everyone who participated have a great end to your summer!

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