FieldWorks 2019: Student Artwork

In 2019 we launched FieldWorks, our 12-week gap year program for students pursuing creative careers. In many ways, students and instructors alike, lept into this experiment together. It felt like our first year of Art on the Farm, learning so much along the way. At times there were challenges, continually assessing the merits of each end every activity or lesson plan, and in the end, a better understanding of all that is possible over a semester-long course at Cow House. It took much longer than we had anticipated, but we’re thrilled to be sharing just a small sample of the student artwork made during both of our sessions last year.

During FieldWorks, young artists have the opportunity to work in a variety of media, and although our students arrive with a strong sense of what processes they hold most dear, everyone experiments beyond that which they find familiar. This structured encouragement to explore various media helps our students make essential discoveries about their capacity to invent not only through process, but through rigorous research, introspection, and curiosity as well. In the end, we begin to see thematic connections between works and expanding possibilities for artworks moving forward. Most of our students then return to their college or university with a renewed focus and clarity.

We have really enjoyed staying in touch with our gap year students from last year as they move on to new things and continue building on their portfolios. As educators, we feel so fortunate to now have the opportunity to work so closely with our students for an extended period of time. We’re very proud of what they accomplished during their semester with us. The range of works and subject matter is a testament to their talent and thoughtfulness. Please take some time to view a small selection of the spring term’s artworks here, and the autumn term’s here.

The images above are by Michael Schlarbaum on the left and Haven Hager on the right.

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