These pages are dedicated to the former students, teachers and residency artists that help make the Cow House what it is. We are curious to catch up with them, hear about their current projects, and the ways their time here on the farm influenced their practice.
We have had the opportunity to meet many talented and dedicated people over the years, and with each new artist residency, summer program, collaborative project or gap year, our studios are informed by the new ideas and working methods of our guests.
Our programmes grow as a result, and even though many of the artists that reside here for a time never have a chance to meet, their influence is passed on through Rosie and Frank if not by the many cherished objects left behind.


Anyone who has been to Cow House knows we love our food! Meals shared around our dining table form an integral part of all the programs we run throughout the year. Whether it’s a quiet meal shared with our residency artists or a lively feast with our summer program students, the delicious tastes, smells and good conversation are among our guests fondest memories.
A sincere dedication to providing tasty and healthy food began with Co-Director Frank Abruzzese who has been cooking his entire life. Frank is one of five from a large Italian American family and meals anchored nearly every experience. In 2016 Caitriona Foley joined our team and now cooks alongside Frank, bringing her love of baking hearty breads and delicious desserts to the table.
By popular request, we now periodically update this section with new and classic Cow House recipes so our former students, their parents and previous residency artists can prepare some of our delicious meals at home. We hope it will not only be a useful resource but a way for people who have been here to remember their time fondly.


From our very first year back in 2008, when we ran our initial artist residency and summer program Art on the Farm, we have been asked by guests planning trips to Ireland about recommendations for places to see and things to do both locally and throughout the country. Additionally, we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting activities for our guests.
As a result, we’ve accumulated a fantastic resource, especially for places within our locality, places showcasing or supporting visual arts, traditional crafts and great places to visit for delicious food. This knowledge comes from family, namely Rosie’s father, who has an incredible knowledge of the area and our many friends and colleagues throughout the country.
The pages here highlight the discoveries we’ve made over the years, providing a bit of history and context for each entry. We’re happy to share this knowledge and continue to search for places you may not find in your typical travel guide. We hope that this resource helps illustrate the diverse cultural experience Ireland has to offer.

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