Group Courses & Study Abroad

Central to Co-Founders Frank Abruzzese and Rosie O'Gorman's vision for Cow House Studios is a desire to offer a studio facility where artists and students come and meaningfully engage with their own art practice. As artists and educators, Frank and Rosie understand the artmaking process. This understanding filters down to every aspect of the studio. Considerations about the materials and equipment we offer, the design and layout of our accommodation, our studio facilities, and even the food we serve all contribute to productive stays. We are keen to share this special place with others. Please contact us directly regarding proposals or for more information.
Our collaborations extend Cow House Studios' own programming opened outwardly to like-minded individuals and organizations. Our collaborators vary significantly from individual artists to art collectives, educational institutions, or other arts organizations, large and small. What we value most is how these outside voices re-invigorate our studio with their unique perspectives and motivations. Our collaborative programming enjoys success because it brings together our deep understanding of this place with highly motivated individuals looking to make the most of their unique projects.
Collaborations had formed a portion of our programming since our first year in 2008 when we partnered with artist Jackie Summel on her project A=AGHT as part of the ambitious residency program In-Context 3. In subsequent years, we have hosted several school groups for specially designed one and two-week courses, teaching art, and traveling the country. In 2015 we offered our first curated residency with RGKSKSRG, the curatorial duo of Rachael Gilborn and Kate Strain. These positive experiences have formed a robust framework for ensuing programs, and we continue to grow as a result.

Previous Projects

Residency Collaborations

In addition to our own residency offerings, we regularly collaborate with other arts institutions, curators, and artists to offer residencies with a thematic focus. Along with our summer program, Art on the Farm, our residences were among our original programming. Initially, these residencies provided time and space for artists to work independently in the studio, offering the necessary support for productive stays. Each year an exhibition of work made at the studio was held at Wexford Arts Centre. It became clear that there was tremendous potential for a more cohesive program.

In 2014 we began actively seeking partners for exciting residency collaborations, and by the Autumn of 2015, we ran our first collaborative residency. I like to eat with my hands. We have continued to collaborate with curators and artists to offer these highly engaged residency opportunities. With the support of Wexford County Council, we can provide these residencies freely to successful applicants. We have also partnered with PhotoIreland Foundation and Age & Opportunity to offer residences supporting their festival programming. These opportunities have greatly expanded the scope of our offerings.

Residencies play a vital role in the continuing creative development and international scope of Cow House Studios as an organization and support our mission to nurture the artmaking process at all levels. Furthermore, these collaborative residencies offer opportunities for public engagement in many forms. Collaborations have led to numerous exhibitions in both Wexford and Dublin. We have created publications and held public talks and panel discussions. Lastly, during many of these programs, we frequently open our studios to the public. These open days facilitate exchanges between our community and the artists on residency.
Educational Collaborations

Cow House Studios is available for groups to host specifically proposed classes or projects. The studio, accommodation, equipment, materials, and teaching staff are open to groups from late February to early June. Groups may include students from the secondary or high school level, university or college students, art clubs, or adult education classes. Cow House Studios offers educators, group leaders, and travel coordinators the means for a memorable and creative exchange, providing exceptional facilities and staff in a historic and culturally rich location.

Our education program places us in a unique position to offer curricular and logistical support, allowing leaders to focus on their course's academic and studio requirements. Notably, for trips from abroad, organizing a group class in Ireland presents challenges. Booking accommodation, transportation, and providing meals can be costly, time-consuming, and offer an array of unforeseeable complications. Furthermore, arranging for studio facilities, access to a community of artists, and meaningful exchange with the local community can be exceedingly challenging.

Group courses can vary greatly. While most are residential, Cow House Studios is also available for day-long workshops and classes. Some groups may provide teachers; others might require the teaching support of directors Rosie and Frank. For more extended stays, we can plan excursions to nearby towns Kilkenny, Waterford, and Wexford and longer trips to Dublin, Cork, or the West. Above all else, the intimate and peaceful experience of studio life on the farm presents a rare opportunity for extended periods of work without distraction. Please contact Cow House Studios directly regarding proposals or for more information.
Artist Collaborations

Occasionally, we will host individual artists or artist collectives looking to complete special projects, conduct research, hold meetings or group critique sessions. In the past, these collaborations have included video productions, site-specific installations, and even rehearsal space for performance. Our studios can be an exceptionally productive location for focused group work. There are times when our existing residency offerings are not suitable, and under these circumstances, we are very open to proposals from individuals and groups. These opportunities are limited and based upon availability.

Perhaps, one of the more endearing and unintentional developments over the years has been the accumulation of various artworks and ephemera from our past guests. These traces of previous residents creates a rich visual tapestry of a co-authored history that extends beyond any individual. This activity has led to the purposeful installation of long-term sculpture installations in the woods beside the Cow House. Rosie and Frank have reserved this enchanting place as a potential site for outdoor sculpture. In 2018 Richard John Jones left the first such installation, and we hope to host many more.

If you are interested in using our studios and accommodation to aid the production of a specific project, you will need to contact us directly. Please keep in mind that our facilities are available for special projects from February to early June and must be booked one year in advance. It is helpful to know how many artists and production staff you would like us to host and the desired length of your stay. We will require a written proposal that outlines the aims of your project and your track record thus far. In addition to written materials, we will expect a portfolio of work representative of your proposed project.