Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Application Guidelines

Submit the following documents in PDF format…
1 A cover letter addressing why you would like to teach visual art to teenagers.
2 CV/resume
3 Artist Statement
4 List of images/video Include title, year, medium & dimensions.
5 Completed application form. (Download Here)

Include 10 – 20 jpeg images maximum of 1200 pixels on the longest side and/or up to 10 minutes of video showing your most recent work.

Name each file with your own name in the following format… JohnSmith_01

Please send the files using the service to

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within five working days.

Do I need to have prior experience teaching teenagers in order to apply?
No, we welcome applications from all interested artists.

What is the programme like?
Art on the Farm is a three week programme for teens interested in the visual arts. It is a studio intensive programme with a focus on individual attention and guidance. We take a maximum of 20 students for each of our 3 sessions. Read more about the curriculum here. 

How long will I be in Ireland?
Artists are expected to commit to volunteering at Cow House Studios for 10 weeks. You can find dates for our summer programme here. 

When am I expected to arrive for the summer?
We ask that all artists arrive one week before the first day of our first session of Art on the Farm. The first week is spent getting to know each other, reviewing the curriculum, assisting with preparations, and recovering from jet-lag if traveling from overseas. Artists are also given an orientation to Cow House Studios at this time.

When am I expected to depart at the end of the summer?
Artists are expected to depart on the last day of our last session of Art on the Farm.

What type of person are you looking for to fill the visiting artist position?
First and foremost our visiting artists must be excited to teach, and have their own artistic practice. We are looking for artists who can be flexible and adaptable to a dynamic and stimulating environment. Patience, energy, a collaborative and strong work ethic are all important, and because much of our time is spent with a large group our visiting artists must enjoy the company of teens.

Is this is a paid position?
Cow House Studios provides full room and board, studio space and travel.

Do I need to develop my own lesson plan, curriculum or project, or will I be leading a class?
Rosie and Frank have developed the curriculum for Art on the Farm. Our visiting artists assist in some classes, provide one on one guidance, give an artist talk and mentor four students in the final week of each session.

How many hours will I work each day?
Each artist is required to spend an average of 20 hours per week assisting with teaching or daily tasks at the studio. This position offers a wonderful opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience in a unique environment. Read about a typical day here. 

How do I get to Cow House Studios?
Artists traveling from overseas will arrive in Dublin Airport where they can take a bus to Enniscorthy. Artists from Ireland who do not have their own car may take a bus to either Enniscorthy or New Ross. A Cow House Studios representative will collect you at an agreed upon time.

How much time will I have time to make my own work?
When artists are not assisting with the programme, there is much time to make work. We understand that artists have different working methods and studio requirements, and while most artists thrive in our busy studio environment, some have found it to be a challenge. Applicants should be aware that the studio is very active at most times throughout the day, and if you need a quiet setting the morning hours before 10am will suit your needs. We make every effort to give you ample time and space to make work.

What type of studio space is provided?
The studio is large open plan facility that is buzzing with activity during the summer programme. Visiting artists are allocated one of our 200 square foot studio spaces each. Artists are also welcome to use the large 1000 square foot communal space, darkroom and computer lab to make work.

What about time off?
Artists are expected to contribute an average of 4 hours each day when classes are running at the studio. Artists are considered off duty when the group travels to Dublin and the West of Ireland, and there is one day off between each session. This means that artists have 6 days off within 21 days. Artists work on average 20 hours per week, but this can vary depending on programme requirements.

Is there local transport?
Cow House Studios is located in rural Wexford where there is no public transport available. We do however have electric bicycles available at the Cow House to explore the locality.

Can my partner come with me? Or visit?
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate partners for the duration of the summer, but partners are welcome to visit the Cow House for a few days.

What about mealtimes? Do you cater for vegetarians, vegans or food allergies?
Meals are an important part of the day and are shared family style in The Barn. We are happy to provide for most dietary requirements and preferences, and ask that all visiting artists participate in lunch and dinner.

Where do I sleep? Do I share a room?
Accommodation for our visiting artists is provided in The Barn along with our students for the summer. Two artists share one bedroom and bathroom.

Do I go on the overnight excursions to Dublin and the West?
No, artists are welcome to stay at the studio during our trips, or make their own travel arrangements provided they are back at the studios when the students return. Time alone in the studio can be very productive.