Susie Tarnowicz

“At that time when we had squished enough and settled therein squished, shoulder to shoulder on the far-far end, people at the table began to talk. And it was all talking, clanking, knifes slivering forks, breaking apart the tenderest of meat, making mouthfuls of mashed potato and flat peas, trying too hard to ignore the jabber of baby Michael in his high chair telephoning some deep inner station to speak and say, rocking in his laddering red seat high to the table;

he could see us and we saw him, and yet, paletted the ongoing voice of his as ignoring play as helpful as it rang, much louder than us all, much louder, he, being, almost at the age where he could talk, trying to leather out an ā€˜Nā€™ , I could feel all the pressure of his tongue pushing on the roof of his mouth to try and make the sound starting with N and what seemed to be an A.” – excerpt from Moving Party by Susie Tarnowicz