Marc Horowitz

Marc Horowitz artistic practice is wildly diverse. Often a response to the breakdown of a commercialized and consumer driven culture, his work employs humor and a quick, improvised and haphazard aesthetic. “Object Tests” are sculptures made from discarded commodities like old electronics, broken lawn ornaments or outdated promotional items. By combining these objects into delicately balanced compositions and photographing the result in high-key studio lighting, he re-purposes them as desirable items once again.

The cadence of Horowitz’ “Untitled Films” mirror a continually accelerating visual culture. Observations of bizarre scenarios, formal curiosities and spontaneous activity are compiled into short sequences that serve as distilled “Kino-Pravda”. Horowitz’ drawings employ expressionist mark-making, comic illustration and text to form dynamic and humorous compositions. These works vacillate between narrative vignette and pure aesthetic experience.

Untitled Film VII from marc horowitz on Vimeo.


Untitled Film V from marc horowitz on Vimeo.


Untitled Film VI from marc horowitz on Vimeo.