Lois Patiño

HD / 16:9 / color / 14´ / 2012
World premier: Rome Film Festival. Cinema XXI section, competition. (ITALY)


“Mountain in Shadow” is an anthropomorphized imagining of a mountain, a theorized view she would have from her summit, who observes men sliding by her like insects on the skin of an animal.

Beginning with bright white snow, the film becomes increasingly darker, shifting from representation to an unreal, dreamlike and spectral space, approaching the appearance of an artificially illuminated model. Playful depiction of scale, where the immensity of the mountain becomes muddled with a microscopic view, progresses with the development of the film. This treatment views landscape as a tactile experience: emphasizing texture, obfuscating its materiality and spacial dimensions.

Montaña en sombra. (teaser 1) from lois patiño apuntes on Vimeo.


Mountain in shadow (teaser 2) from lois patiño on Vimeo.