Matthew Denniss

I have been working with invisible or intangible things –wind, electricity, perpetual motion, sound, plant growth and using transformative processes that can make something out of apparently nothing. By adopting an informal, adaptive and investigative approach. I have been looking at the visual, emotional and experiential and temporal content of the areas I explore. I am interested in a number of areas, often relating to the potential of pseudo-science, unproven scientific theories and forgotten technologies but always engaging directly with the world, and our individual and collective roles within it. I am interested in setting up situations and sites where an event or activity can happen. Much of my work is created and then taken apart soon after.

Since attending the residency at Cow House, I have increasingly been looking to ephemeralise my work and be able to respond to different situations and places. I am looking to move away from the specific art object. I have also started writing and making direct observational drawing of landscapes.

You can see more of Matthew’s work by visiting his website…