Art on the Farm class of 2008!

The third day on the farm begins as the sleepy, yet eager, students wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and toast. Mary’s fresh baked banana bread is a hit when paired with sweet fresh strawberries and a warm cup of tea. The Nutella can’t be passed down the long wood table fast enough as conversation buzzes about the art books that Frank and Rosie put on the tables. The leisurely breakfast turns into a scurry for the studios to begin the days activities. Each day brings new opportunities, new experiences, new challenges and new accomplishments. Yesterday, the students worked with Rosie on charcoal pieces that tested their ability to interpret tone, negative space and composition. Frank introduced the students to the dark room and the basics of manipulating a 35mm camera. The more experienced photographer was challenged and thrilled to try a medium format camera. The afternoon adventure had Cow House students galavanting in the town of Wexford with cameras and sketch journals in hand. The students meandered around the Wexford Art Center and examined several pieces on display. The students enjoyed some free time in town to take pictures, sketch or shop for Wellies. Later that evening, Carla Sanchez, the chair of the Board of Directors of the Wexford Art Center, joined us for dinner and shared a behind the scenes look at creating the gallery space. The students were given a unique opportunity to become constructive critiques of the Center. Carla was both appreciative and impressed by the pensive and well articulated comments that the young Cow House students had to share. The day comes to an end and students scatter to work on personal projects, play a spirited game of Jenga or to steal a teacake from the pantry. Please enjoy some of the photos that speak for themselves.

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