Art on the Farm 2011

It has been just one short week since our last session left the farm, and the place seems almost too quiet without all the busy activity in the studio. No more rummaging through the kitchen for a mid day or late night snack, or sounds of Lola barking for just one more stick to be thrown for her in the pond. We miss all the laughing, great conversation and occasional odd outbursts around the dinner table. We had such a wonderful time with all three groups in our busiest summer yet, and we hope to stay in touch with everyone as their work progresses. We saw people make some huge strides over the past nine weeks, and we’re sure to see that continue.

We would like to thank both Christin and Zsofia for all their help and great instruction. We hope you’ve gained as much from being here as our students gained from your patience, guidance and friendship. A special thank you to Mary and Michael for all the work you do over the summer to make the experience special for everyone. We don’t know what the experience would be like without your warm welcome, delicious deserts and immaculate home.

You can have a look at all of our photographs from the summer here, and we will be posting a gallery of student work in the coming weeks.

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