Art on the Farm 2019: Photo Gallery

We’re two weeks into our summer program Art on the Farm and it’s been a great start. This group settled in quicker than most, forming tight bonds and engaging in lively discussions at mealtimes right from the start. It’s been really fun getting to know everyone thus far. There are some big personalities who have contributed to a lively atmosphere, providing plenty of laughs. Not to be overshadowed are the many quiet and thoughtful students we’re grateful to host for their short stay with us.

Our days in the studio have been filled with a variety of activities. Our first session of the day has been mostly focused on drawing but we’ve explored some sculptural possibilities looking at the work of Erwin Wurm and even explored the possibilities of text with associate artists Laura Fitzgerald. These sessions are a great way to start the day and have been essential in waking up a sleepy bunch! In the late morning and early afternoon, our students were focused on a concentration. Making paintings, photographs in the darkroom or experimenting with video all while still reserving time to jump in the pond and explore the farm. During our first critique, it was clear that everyone was hard at work.

In addition to time in the studio, we went on two trips, one to Dublin and the other to Kilkenny. In Dublin, we were fortunate to arrive Just in time for the grand opening of The Museum of Contemporary Photography. There, we saw the work of many young and talented Irish and international photographers and mixed media artists. We also popped into the Gallery of Photography and Kerlin to see their exhibitions. Possibly, the exhibition highlight was the Mark Dion exhibition Our Plundered Planet at Hugh Lane Gallery, featuring sculptures, installations, prints and drawings addressing our relationship with the natural world. All of this, however, is hard to compete with thrift stores that sell clothing by the kilo. This is a fashion forward group, and they revelled in the opportunity to bolster their already eclectic wardrobes!

Kilkenny provided a well-deserved reprieve from the studio after our first critique. We saw a really interesting show at the Butler Gallery, Adam Fearon’s relief, that generated a lively discussion and had a tour of Kilkenny Castle. Free time at the end of the day was enjoyed by all and back at the studio, we ended the day with a painting competition between associate artists Mathilde Ganancia, Laura Fitzgerald and Cow House Chef Caitriona Foley. Laura was victorious in her interpretation of the prompt Medusa with a shark’s head, but all efforts were to be commended.

We have posted a selection of photos in our gallery section. Keep an eye out for the next batch in a couple of weeks!

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