Limited Edition Mugs to Support Student Scholarship

If you have been to Cow House, then you know we love our tea so a mug seemed like the perfect way to launch our little shop. We will periodically offer limited edition beautiful things made by Irish craftspeople embellished with designs by our former resident artists. 

Arran Street East is small Dublin based ceramic studio, we LOVED their mugs from the moment we laid eyes on them and you will too. This small batch is extra special because each one holds a little surprise when you lift your cup for a sip of tea or coffee. The drawings were specially designed by Woosung Lee, each mug is hand thrown and the drawings are hand stamped. 

All proceeds go towards our scholarship fund. In other words, if we sell all these mugs, it will go towards funding a partial scholarship for a student to attend Art on the Farm. It’s a win-win; receive something beautiful and unique while helping to provide a special experience for a young artist.

We only have 24 pairs of these limited edition mugs, and then that’s it! Each pair has two designs. One tapers at the top, the other tapers at the bottom. Each has an individual design at the bottom and come in either “cabbage” or “pink grapefruit” colours. The design that tapers at the top keeps your drink 30% warmer. Rosie likes the mugs that taper at the bottom for her warm herbal teas and Frank prefers the other for his piping hot coffee.

To purchase a pair, send an email to with your name, colour preference and shipping address. Each pair of mugs costs €66 plus shipping and handling.

The last date for guaranteed shipping to the USA is Dec 7th for holiday gifts!

Woosung titled the drawings “Fine, Good, Okay, Alright, All okay.” See Woosung’s amazing work here and check out more lovely things from Arran Street East here.

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