the family

The Family


Cow House Studios is a family run business. Established in 2007 by artists Rosie O’Gorman and Frank Abruzzese, the running of the studio and farm now involves the whole family. Co Directors Rosie and Frank are responsible for the day-to-day management of the studios, including programme scheduling and curriculum development. Rosie and Frank are also the primary teachers for the workshops and courses.

Both of Rosie’s younger sisters, Edel and Sinead, work with Cow House. Sinead assists with teaching, preparing delicious home cooked meals, and as our studio manager keeps everything well organised. Edel is responsible for much of the behind the scenes activities that make Cow House run smoothly.

Together with Rosie’s mother Mary, Edel also bakes homemade desserts and breads which have become a favoured treat among our guests. Rosie’s father Michael has a major presence at Cow House; he keeps the grounds in pristine condition as well as tending to the 180 acre farm. Populating the grounds with handmade swings, chairs and inventive sculptures made from old farm machinery, he is a craftsperson in his own right and always curious to see what’s happening in the studio.